BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd the ability to build for testing and stable releases.Libravatar Unit 1935 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-08-20Add the ability to build for testing and stable releases.HEADmasterLibravatar Unit 193
2022-08-20Switch from debian-installer to calamares.Libravatar Unit 193
2022-07-31Add the new non-free-firmware component (currently empty)Libravatar Unit 193
2022-07-31Disable use of the chrony time daemon for now.Libravatar Unit 193
2022-08-01Various changes to desktop package list.Libravatar Krytarik Raido
2021-02-22Add anacron, iw, sudo, and wpasupplicant; move plocate.Libravatar Unit 193
2021-02-21desktop.list.chroot: Install package-update-indicator.Libravatar Unit 193
2021-02-21Add a package blacklist with gnome-packagekit, light-locker, and yelp.Libravatar Unit 193
2021-02-21Update dist name, add 'quiet splash' to boot options, update ISO metadata.Libravatar Unit 193
2020-12-23Remove -statusnotifier-plugin, and some commented entries; add thunar-archive...Libravatar Unit 193