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+Version: 3.1.08
+Patch: 00
+Date: 2020-10-16
+Bug fixes, updates!!! Yes!! Why wait!!! Can't stay frozen forever!
+1. Not an inxi bug, but a weird change in defaults for ubuntu GNOME ENV
+variable values when running at least the gnome desktop, result to end
+users appears to be a bug. This resolves issue #228
+Note that so much weird non desktop data was put into those environmental
+variables that inxi simply could make no sense of it. The fix was to make
+the detections more robust, using regex instead of string compare, as well as
+to at least try to strip out such corrupted data values, though that can never
+be fully predictable.
+As far as I know, this issue only hits ubuntu gnome desktops, I've never seen these
+value corruptions on any other distro, or on any other ubuntu desktop, though
+they may be there, but I'm not going to test all the ubuntu spins to find out.
+I'm hoping the combination of logic fixes and junk data cleaning will handle
+most future instances of these types of corruptions automatically.
+Again, this only happens on relatively laste ubuntu gnomes as far as I know.
+1. An oversight, added sshd to list of whitelisted start clients. This permits
+expected output for: ssh <name@server> inxi -bay
+that is, running inxi as an ssh command string. Should have done that a while ago,
+but better late than never.
+This corrects issue #227, or at least, has a better default, it worked fine before,
+but required using --tty to reset to default terminal behavior. The problem is
+that if inxi can't determine what it's running in, it defaults to thinking it's
+in an IRC client, and switches to IRC color codes, among other changes.
+But it was nice to get sshd covered automatically so users don't have to know
+the --tty option.
+1. More disk vendors and vendor IDs!!! Yes, that's right, the list never ends!!
+-- Harald Hope - Fri, 16 Oct 2020 13:43:40 -0700
Version: 3.1.07
Patch: 00
Date: 2020-09-29