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+Version: 3.0.38
+Patch: 00
+Date: 2020-03-14
+New version, man page, exciting changes!!
+1. Fixed undefined error that could happen, in rare cases, in hdd_temp logic.
+1. Fixed Elbrus cpu nazming, model 9 is 8CV, not 8CB (Cyrillic error)
+2. Preventitive, was not using '-' quite correctly in all regex ranges.
+3. Had wrong desktop string listed in Unity
+4. Reordered Family/Drive model in usb drive reports, it's to make it
+more obvious what is what.
+5. Adjusted indexing of splits to get better results in corner cases.
+6. Fixed some numbering issues.
+7. Added trimming n1 from nvme0 type names for nvme, this corrects some
+issues users were having.
+8. Fixed a division by 0 error in smartctl data grabber.
+9. Fixed a Perl issue, didn't realize perl treats 000 as a string, not 0.
+10. Another Perl fix, int() only wants to get numeric values sent to it,
+I'd assumed a different behavior, non numerics get converted to 0, but that's
+not how Perl sees things. Things like this, by the way, are why Perl is so
+absurdly fast.
+1. More disk vendors. The list will never be complete!! We have found eternal
+churn!! Thanks to linux lite hardware database as always.
+2. Big one!!! Now inxi uses smartctl data, if installed, for getting advanced
+drive information (with -a). See man and help for details. Will show failing drives,
+etc. Lots of info can be available, but sometimes data is not in smartctl db,
+so inxi can't find it, that's not an inxi bug, it's just how it is.
+3. Made hours on more human readable, into days/hours, for -a smartctl disk
+4. Added $test[12] for smartctl data printout, and $test[13] for disk array print out.
+Note that advanced debugger outputs can change or vary depending on what is being
+worked on so don't in general rely on these always being around. But they do
+tend to say stuck in place once I add them.
+5. Added some nvme stuff, spare reserve, if you need it, you'll appreciate it,
+if not, you'll never know it's there.
+6. By request from some forum issue thread: made --host only be shown onif not
+--filter or not --host. This makes -z remove hostname, but retains ability to
+do absolute overrides. Hostname should have always been filtered out like that,
+it was an oversight. I think that was Manjaro who asked that, but I forget.
+Note that this change, as usual, will not alter expected behaviors if users
+have config item for hostname set.
+7. Added support for picom compositor, thanks user codebling for that, I think
+that's compiz fork, the real branch that is that is being developed.
+-- Harald Hope - Sat, 14 Mar 2020 22:56:32 -0700
Version: 3.0.37
Patch: 00
Date: 2019-11-19