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+Version: 3.0.24
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-09-10
+New version, new man page. Bug fix, enhancements, fixes.
+1. Big bug found on certain systems, they use non system memory memory arrays, inxi
+failed to anticipate that situation, and would exit with error when run as root for
+-m when it hit those array types. These arrays did not have modules listed, so the
+module array was undefined, which caused the failure. Thanks Manjaro anonymous
+debugger dataset 'loki' for finding this failure.
+This is literally the first dataset I've seen that had this issue, but who knows
+how many other system boards will show something like that as well.
+1. Related to bug 1, do not show the max module size item if not system memory
+and size is less than 10 MiB. Assuming there that it's one of these odd boards.
+1. For bug 1, extended Memory: report to include array type if not system memory.
+That instance had Video Memory, Flash Memory, and Cache Memory arrays along with
+the regular System Memory array. Now shows: use: Video Memory for example if not
+System Memory to make it clear what is going on.
+2. Added basic Parrot system base, but for some inexplicable reason, Parrot changed
+the /etc/debian_version file to show 'stable' instead of the release number. Why?
+Who knows, it would be so much easier if people making these derived distros would
+be consistent and not change things for no good reason.
+3. Added a few more pattern matches to existing vendors for disks. As usual, thanks
+linuxlite/linux hardware database for the endless lists of disk data.
+4. Added internal dmidecode debugger switches, that makes it much easier to inject
+test dmidecode data from text files using debugger switches internally.
+5. Added -Cxx item, which will run if root and -C are used, now grabs L1 and L3
+cache data from dmidecode and shows it. I didn't realize that data was there, not
+sure how I'd missed it all these years, I guess pinxi really is much easier to work
+on! This only runs if user has dmidecode permissions from root or sudo.
+6. Brought cpu architectures up to date, new intel, new amd. Note there's a slight
+confusion about what is coffee lake and what is kaby lake.
+-- Harald Hope - Mon, 10 Sep 2018 15:00:17 -0700
Version: 3.0.23
Patch Version: 00
Script Date: 2018-09-07