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+Version: 3.0.30
+Patch: 00
+Date: 2018-12-31
+New version, new man page.
+1. Both a fix and a bug, in that inxi had an out of date list of Xorg drivers.
+This led to all the newer Intel devices failing to show their drivers in the
+Xorg driver lines, like i915, i965, and so on. Updated to full current list of
+Xorg drivers. This is not technically a bug since it's simply things that came
+into existence after that logic was last updated. But it looks like a bug.
+1. Issues #170 and #168 showed a problem with inxi believing it was running in IRC
+when Ansible or MOTD started inxi. This is because they are not tty so trip the
+non tty flag, which assumes it's in IRC in that case. The fix was to add a
+whitelist of known clients based on the parent name inxi discovers while running
+inside that parent. MOTD confirmed fixed, Ansible not confirmed. Why do people file
+issue reports then not follow up on them? Who knows.
+Note that this issue is easy to trip by simply doing this: echo 'fred' | inxi
+which disables the tty test as well. To handle that scenario, that is, when inxi is
+not first in the pipe, I added many known terminal client names to the whitelists.
+This works in my tests, though the set of possible terminals, or programs with
+embedded terminals, is quite large, but inxi handles most of them automatically. When
+it doesn't, file an issue and I'll add your client ID to the whitelist, and use --tty
+in the meantime.
+2. Issue #171 by Vascom finally pinned down the wide character issue which manifests
+in some character sets, like greek or russian utf8. The fix was more of a work-around
+than a true fix, but inxi now simply checks the weather local time output for wide
+characters, and if detected, switches the local date/time format to iso standard,
+which does not contain non ascii characters as far as I can tell. This seemed to
+fix the issue.
+3. Added iso9660 from excluded file systems for partitions, not sure how inxi
+missed that one for so long.
+4. See bug 1, expanded and made current supported intel drivers, and a few other
+drivers, so now inxi has all the supported xorg drivers again. Updated docs as well
+to indicate where to get that data.
+1. As usual, more disk vendor/product ID matches, thanks to linuxlite hardware
+database, which never stops providing new or previously unseen disk ids. Latest
+favorite? Swissarmy knife maker victorinox Swissflash usb device.
+2. Added Elive system base ID.
+3. Added Nutyx CARDS repo type.
+-- Harald Hope - Mon, 31 Dec 2018 20:54:08 -0800
Version: 3.0.29
Patch: 00
Date: 2018-12-10