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-.TH INXI 1 "2018\-09\-10" inxi "inxi manual"
+.TH INXI 1 "2018\-09\-28" inxi "inxi manual"
inxi \- Command line system information script for console and IRC
@@ -306,6 +306,8 @@ APT distros like PCLinuxOS or Alt-Linux)
\fBURPMQ\fR (Mandriva, Mageia + derived versions)
+\fBXBPS\fR (Void)
\fBYUM/ZYPP\fR (Fedora, Red Hat, Suse + derived versions)
More will be added as distro data is collected. If yours is missing please
@@ -380,7 +382,10 @@ or sequence connection, but can be used to match this output to lsusb
values, which generally shows BusID / DeviceID (except for tree view, which
shows ports).
-Examples: \fRDevice-3: 4-3.2.1:2\fR or \fRHub: 4-0:1\fR
+Examples: \fBDevice-3: 4-3.2.1:2\fR or \fBHub: 4-0:1\fR
+The \fBrev: 2.0\fR item refers to the USB revision number, like \fB1.0\fR or
.B \-u\fR,\fB \-\-uuid\fR
@@ -786,6 +791,9 @@ data available.
\- Adds device serial number.
.B \-xxx \-N\fR
+\- Adds (if available and/or relevant) \fBvendor:\fR item, which shows
+specific vendor [product] information.
\- Adds, if present, serial number.
.B \-xxx \-R\fR
@@ -809,6 +817,8 @@ lxpanel, xfce4\-panel, lxqt\-panel, tint2, cairo-dock, trayer, and many others.
\- Adds, if present, serial number for non hub devices.
\- Adds \fBinterfaces:\fR for non hub devices.
+\- Adds, if available, USB speed in \fBMbits/s\fR or \fBGbits/s\fR.
.B \-xxx \-w\fR,\fB \-W\fR
\- Adds location (city state country), altitude, weather observation time.
@@ -829,6 +839,31 @@ Format is \fBhexadecimal (decimal)\fR if greater than 9, otherwise \fBhexadecima
\fBType: ... (status|mitigation): ....\fR for systems that support this feature
(Linux kernel 4.14 or newer, or patched older kernels).
+.B \-a \-d\fR
+\- Adds logical and physical block size in bytes.
+.B \-a \-p\fR,\fB\-a \-P\fR
+\- Adds raw partition size, including file system overhead, partition table, e.g.
+\fBraw size: 60.00 GiB\fR.
+\- Adds percent of raw size available to \fBsize:\fR item, e.g.
+\fBsize: 58.81 GiB (98.01%)\fR.
+Note that \fBused: 16.44 GiB (34.3%)\fR percent refers to the available size,
+not the raw size.
+\- Adds partition filesystem block size if found (requires root and blockdev).
+\- For swap, adds swappiness and vfs cache pressure, and a message to indicate
+if it is the default value or not (Linux only, and only if available). If not,
+shows default value as well, e.g.
+\fBswappiness: 60 (default) cache pressure: 90 (default 100)\fR.
@@ -938,6 +973,30 @@ The \fBprint\fR options prints to stdout.
Required for non\-screen \fB\-\-output\fR formats (json|xml).
+.B \-\-partition\-sort [dev\-base|fs|id|label|percent\-used|size|uuid|used]\fR
+Change default sort order of partition output. Corresponds to \fBPARTITION_SORT\fR
+configuration item. These are the available sort options:
+\fBdev\-base\fR - \fB/dev\fR partition identifier, like \fB/dev/sda1\fR.
+Note that it's an alphabetic sort, so \fBsda12\fR is before \fBsda2\fR.
+\fBfs\fR - Partition filesystem. Note that sorts will be somewhat random if all
+filesystems are the same.
+\fBid\fR - Mount point of partition (default).
+\fBlabel\fR - Label of partition. If partitions have no labels,
+sort will be random.
+\fBpercent\-used\fR - Percentage of partition size used.
+\fBsize\fR - KiB size of partition.
+\fBuuid\fR - UUID of the partition.
+\fBused\fR - KiB used of partition.
.B \-\-sleep [0\-x.x]\fR
Usually in decimals. Change CPU sleep time for \fB\-C\fR (current: \fB\0.35\fR).
Sleep is used to let the system catch up and show a more accurate CPU use. Example:
@@ -1009,10 +1068,31 @@ For alternate ftp upload locations: Example:
\fBinxi \-\-ftp \fIftp.yourserver.com/incoming\fB \-\-debug 21\fR
+Only used the following in conjunction with \fB\-\-debug 2[012]\fR, and only
+use if you experienced a failure or hang, or were instructed to do so.
-.B \-\-proc\fR
+.B \-\-debug\-proc\fR
Force debugger to parse \fB/proc\fR directory data when run as root. Normally this is
-disabled due to unpredictable data in /proc tree. Only used with \fB\-\-debug 2x\fR.
+disabled due to unpredictable data in /proc tree.
+.B \-\-debug\-proc\-print\fR
+Use this to locate file that /proc debugger hangs on.
+.B \-\-debug\-no\-sys\fR
+Skip /sys debugging in case of a hang.
+.B \-\-debug\-sys\fR
+Force PowerPC debugger parsing of /sys as sudo/root.
+.B \-\-debug\-sys\-print\fR
+Use this to locate file that /sys debugger hangs on.
BitchX, Gaim/Pidgin, ircII, Irssi, Konversation, Kopete, KSirc, KVIrc, Weechat,
@@ -1113,6 +1193,9 @@ Overrides default. See \fB\-\-indent\-min\fR. If \fB80\fR or less, wrap will nev
\fBLIMIT\fR Overrides default of \fB10\fR IP addresses per IF. This is only of interest
to sys admins running servers with many IP addresses.
+\fBPARTITION_SORT\fR Overrides default partition output sort. See
+\fB\-\-partition\-sort\fR for options.
\fBPS_COUNT\fR The default number of items showing per \fB\-t\fR type, \fBm\fR or
\fBc\fR. Default is 5.