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-.TH INXI 1 "2017\-08\-23" inxi "inxi manual"
+.TH INXI 1 "2017\-09\-21" inxi "inxi manual"
inxi \- Command line system information script for console and IRC
@@ -465,6 +465,9 @@ Note that \fBvolts\fR shows the data (if available) as: Voltage Now / Minimum De
.B \-xx \-D
\- Adds disk serial number.
+.B \-xx \-D
+\- Adds disk firmware revision number, if available (nvme and possibly other types).
.B \-xx \-G
\- Adds vendor:product ID of each Graphics card.
@@ -630,13 +633,21 @@ If you leave off the \fB\-o\fR, only you will see the output on your local IRC c
.B /cmd inxi
-To run inxi in konversation as a native script if your distribution or inxi package did not do this for you,
-create this symbolic link:
+To run inxi in konversation as a native script if your distribution or inxi package
+did not do this for you, create this symbolic link [the first works for KDE 4,
+the second for KDE 5]:
.B ln \-s /usr/local/bin/inxi /usr/share/kde4/apps/konversation/scripts/inxi
+.B ln \-s /usr/local/bin/inxi /usr/share/konversation/scripts/inxi
If inxi is somewhere else, change the path \fB/usr/local/bin\fR to wherever it is located.
+If you are using KDE/QT 5, then you may also need to add the following to get the konversation
+\fR/inxi\fR command to work:
+.B ln \-s /usr/share/konversation /usr/share/apps/
Then you can start inxi directly, like this:
.B /inxi
@@ -690,7 +701,7 @@ exists, it will go there, and as a last default, the legacy location is used:
See wiki pages for more information on how to set these up:
-.I http://smxi.org/docs/inxi\-configuration.htm
+.I https://smxi.org/docs/inxi\-configuration.htm
Please report bugs using the following resources.
@@ -709,7 +720,7 @@ You can also visit
\fRchannel:\fI #smxi\fR to post issues.
.I https://github.com/smxi/inxi
-.I http://smxi.org/
+.I https://smxi.org/
.B inxi
is is a fork of locsmif's largely unmaintained yet very clever, infobash script.