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+Version: 3.0.11
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-06-04
+New version, man page. Features, bugs, fixes!
+1. Color selector accepted '' as a value, which it would then write to config
+file, creating errors since it's not an integer value.
+2. Corrected distro id error for last fallback case, making the distro ID out
+of the filename itself, that was missing the assignment to $distro.
+3. mmcblk0 was showing up as an unmounted partition, due to failing to filter
+mmcblk[0-9] in unmounted.
+1. Added missing compositor kwin_wayland to compositor detections
+2. For -M, on laptops, sometimes Type: would duplicate in Chassis: type: which
+looks silly, so now it checks to make sure the two values are different before
+using the Chassis: type: data.
+3. -D disk vendor, added GALAX, fixed Toshiba, which sometimes occurs other than
+start of disk id string, so now it checks the whole string. This seems particularly
+common in nvme devices from Toshiba. This is the only vendor I have found that
+puts the vendor string later in the device id string.
+4. Added protection against unreadable but present /etc/issue. This was caused
+by a now fixed bug in OpenSuSe, which symbolically linked to create /etc/issue
+from /var/run/issue, but with 600 permissions, root read only, that is. Note that
+this bug has since been fixed (now has the correct 644 permissions), but I figured
+better safe than sorry in case anyone else decides that's a good idea in the future.
+Now only sends to reader if readable.
+5. Related to 4, made reader not exit on failure, now just prints error message and
+keeps going.
+6. Upped maximum distro string length to 60, from 50. AntiX for example was coming
+in at 48, so I decided to add some safe room now that inxi does dynamic sizing, it
+is not a big problem having very long distro id strings.
+1. Added basic /proc data parser to debugger. Can't get all the data or files because
+it's simply too big, but grabs the basics.
+2. Added vcgencmd for some ARM rasberry pi debugging.
+3. ARM: add model if not found in /proc/cpuinfo, or if different.
+4. Added Tdie cpu sensor type, this is coming soon in latest kernels, so catching
+it early. Tdie will replace k10-temp sensor item temp1.
+5. Added --admin extra data option, and first set of extra data, -C, which will
+show CPU Errata (bugs), family, model-id, stepping (as hex (decimal) or hex if less
+than or equal to 9), microcode (as hex).
+6. Battery: added with -x option, if found, attached battery driven devices, like
+wifi keyboard, mouse. If upower is present, will also try to show battery charge
+percent for those devices. Note that -B only shows the Device-X items if -x is used,
+and will not show anything in -F unless there is a system, not device, battery
+present, or if -Fx is used and there is a Device battery detected.
+Added upower to recommends.
+7. Basic -Dxxx disk rotation speeds added. Requires udevadm. Not all spinning disks
+show rotation speeds, and it depends on udevadm, so if no rotation found, it shows
+8. Added explicit Arco Linux and Antergos distro ID support. This requires more
+checks, but in theory, both should now show Arco Linux or Antergos instead of default
+'Arch Linux' as before, plus extra data if found, like version.
+-- Harald Hope - Mon, 04 Jun 2018 16:48:53 -0700
+Version: 3.0.10
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-05-21
+New version, new man page.
+This version is very peaceful, no big changes, just a few fixes and small new
+features added.
+This version corrects a few small glitches reported by users, and adds basic support
+for disk speed report. Note that this is not as accurate as I'd like, it tries, but
+there is not a lot of data to be had. Limits of disk speed seems to be, roughly:
+1. most speed is reported as max board can do, not max drive can support
+2. usually when speed is reported as lower than max board speed, it's correct, but,
+as usual, exceptions to this were found during testing.
+3. usually if drive is faster than board speed, it reports board speed, but, again,
+exceptions to this rule were found during testing.
+However, with this said, it's usually more or less right, at least right in terms
+of the fastest speed you can expect to get with your board. NVMe was also supported,
+that's much more complicated because NVMe has >= 1 lane, and each lane has up and
+down data. The reported speed is max in one direction, and is a function of the
+PCIe 1,2 20% overhead, and PCIe 3,4,5 ~1.5% overhead. inxi shows the actual usable
+data rate, not the GT/s rate, which is the total transfers per second the unit
+So due to the unreliable nature of the data, this is only a -xx option. There is
+also in general no data for USB, and none for mmcblk (sd cards usually).
+This feature may be enhanced with a C Perl XS library in the future, we'll see how
+that goes.
+1. corrected an issue where a networking card of type Bridge failed to be detected.
+This is now handled. This was a PCI type I'd never seen before, but it exists, and
+a user had it, so now it will work as expected for this type.
+2. changed the default units in weather to be m (metric) imperial (i). While this is
+not very intuitive for me, it's easier to explain I think. The previous c / f
+syntax is supported internally, and inxi will just translate c to m and f to i, so
+it doesn't matter which is or was used on a config file or with the --weather-unit
+3. BSD uptime had a parsing glitch, there was a spelling variant I'd never seen in
+GNU/Linux that broke the regex. This is corrected now.
+4. Fixed a few small man page glitches, some ordering stuff, nothing major.
+5. Fixed BSD hostname issues. There was a case where a setup could have no hostname,
+inxi did not handle that correctly. This fix would have applied to gnu/linux as
+6. Fixed a few bsd, openbsd mostly, dm detections, there is a secondary path in
+OpenBSD that was not checked. This also went along with refactoring the dm logic
+to be much more efficient and optimized.
+7. Fine tuned dmidecode error message.
+8. Fixed PCI ID issue, it was failing to catch a certain bridged network type.
+9. A more global fix for unhandled tmpfs types, in this case, shm, but added a
+global test that will handle all tmpfs from now on, and exclude that data from
+-p reports.
+1. First attempt to add basic disk speed (Gb/s). Supported types: ATA, NVMe. No
+speed data so far handled or found: mmcblk; USB. Also possibly older /dev/hda
+type devices (IDE bus) may not get handled in all cases. This may get more work
+in the future, but that's a long ways off. This case oddly was one where BSDs had
+support for basic disk speed reports before GNU/Linux, but that was really just
+because it was part of a single data line that inxi parsed for disk data anyway
+with BSDs.
+2. Man items added for -Dxx disk speed options.
+-- Harald Hope - Mon, 21 May 2018 14:25:53 -0700
Version: 3.0.09
Patch Version: 00
Script Date: 2018-05-11