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+Version: 3.0.34
+Patch: 00
+Date: 2019-04-30
+New version, new man, new feature!! Bug fixes!
+1. issue #182 - in freebsd, there was an oversight in the pciconf parser, it
+was using unfiltered strings as regex pattern, and of course, a string flipped
+an error. Fix was to add the regex cleaner to the string before it's used in test.
+2. NOTE: issue #182 had a second bug, but the issue poster didn't follow up with
+data or output so it couldn't be fixed. This was related to a syntax change in
+usbdevs -v output in FreeBSD. Such changes are too common, but it might also
+simply be a variant I have not seen or handled, but so far no data, so can't fix.
+Don't blame me if you get this bug, but do post requested debugger data if you
+want it fixed!
+1. Updated man for weather, explained more clearly how to use country codes for
+weather output. More clarifying in general about weather location, and weather
+1. Added avx/avx2 to default flag list in -C short form. Thanks damentz from
+liquorix for clarifying why that was a good idea. Note the initial issue came up
+in a Debian issue report, not here. People!! please post issues here, and don't bug
+maintainers with feature requests! Maintainers aren't in a position to add a feature,
+so you should go straight to the source.
+1.a. Created in inxi-perl/docs new doc file: cpu-flags.txt, which explains all
+the flags, and also covers the short form flags and explains why they are used.
+2. To resolve another issue, I made a new documentation file:
+This is instructions for maintainers of distros who do not use rpm/apt/pacman but
+still want the --recommends feature to output their package pool package names for
+missing packages. I decided to not allow more than the default 3 package managers
+because no matter what people say, if I allow in more, the maintainer will vanish
+or lose interest, and I'll be stuck having to maintain their package lists forever.
+Also, it's silly to even include that package list for any distro that does not
+use rpm/apt/pacman, since the list is just wasted lines. Instructions in doc file
+show what to change, and how, and has an example to make it clear. Odds of this
+actually being used? Not high, lol, but that's fine, if people want it done, they
+can do it, if not, nothing bad happens, it just won't show any suggested install
+package, no big deal.
+3. Using the new disk vendor method, added even more disk vendors. Thanks
+linux litet hardware database!!
+4. EXCITING!! A new --admin/-a option, suggested by a user on techpatterns.com/forums/
+Now -S or -b or -F with -a option for GNU/Linux shows the kernel boot parameters,
+from /proc/cmdline. Didn't find anything comparable for BSDs, if you can tell me
+where to look, I'll add it for those too, but wasn't anywhere I looked. Do the
+BSDs even use that method? Don't know, but the logic is there, waiting to be used
+if someone shows me how to get it cleanly. The 'parameters:' item shows in the main
+'System:' -S output, and will just show the entire kernel parameters used to boot.
+This could be very helpful to distros who often have to determine if for example
+graphics blacklists are correctly applied for non free drivers, like nomodeset etc,
+or if the opposite is present.
+For forum/distro support, they just have to ask for: inxi -ba and they will see t
+the relevant graphics info, for instance, or -SGaxxx, or -Faxxx, whatever is used
+to trigger in this case the graphics and system lines.
+5. Updated man/help for 4 as well, now explains what they will see with --admin/
+-a options and -S. Good user suggestion, I wish all new features were this easy,
+-- Harald Hope - Tue, 30 Apr 2019 17:37:10 -0700
+Version: 3.0.33
+Patch: 00
+Date: 2019-03-29
+New version, new man. Weather explanations, disks, bugs!!
+1. For sensors, in some cases, gpu failed to show correctly. This fixed issue #175
+1. Made help/man explanations of weather changes more clear.
+Particularly in regards to no automated query info. But also for supported
+location syntaxes.
+2. Some corner cases of null weather data return null and tripped
+a null data error. This is corrected.
+3. Added city duplicate filter to weather output, this hopefully will
+in some cases avoid printing city name twice, depends on weather source.
+4. Removed --weather-source option 0, that no longer works so all code was
+5. More deb822 fixes, loosened up even more syntax. That's a poorly designed
+config syntax, hard to work with.
+1. Lots of new disk vendors. So many!! Thanks linux-lite hardware database!
+switched to a new method of getting disk name/vendor data, now it's a lot easier
+to check for new ones.
+2. Added fancybar to desktop info.
+-- Harald Hope - Fri, 29 Mar 2019 14:03:51 -0700
Version: 3.0.32
Patch: 00
Date: 2019-02-07