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+Version: 3.0.20
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-07-30
+New version, new man. ARM enhancements and updates, -S data ongoing enhancements.
+1. Added support for new ARM SOC types, including chromebook ARM. Note that so far I
+have been unable to find a way to detect MMC networking, at least in a meaningful
+way. I know where the data is, but I can't figure out how to reasonably integrate it
+into the main ARM soc/device generator logic because it's fundamentally different
+from most platform or devicetree data.
+2. Added alternate battery tests, this should cover a wide range of alternate
+battery IDs, while still preserving the distinction between system power batteries,
+and device batteries. The detection is now far more dynamic, and can handle
+unknown syntax for battery ID, while not losing the ability to correctly identify
+device batteries (like mice, keyboards, etc).
+3. Trying a somewhat unreliable hack to get cpu variant for arm devices where the
+current method fails. this may be removed if it causes false ID in the future.
+4. Excluded all /driver/ paths from ARM SOC @pci generation, those give read errors
+even as root.
+5. Fixed a few defective wm version detections.
+The -S line continues to see many improvements.
+1. Greatly expanded the set of info: items, now it covers all the toolbars,
+panels, and docks that I could find, plus a few things like icewmtray, where the
+wm has a built in panel. While there are probably more bar/panel/dock tools out
+there, and more will get added if or when they are encountered, now info: shows
+far more variants than ever before, and covers the range of options simpler wm
+users have for bars, trays, and panels. If I missed one that is detectable, by
+all means show how to detect it!
+2. Fine tuned and added a few more window managers, and added version for some that
+were not showing versions.
+3. Added 3 more dm version handlers, slim, gdm, gdm3, and refactored that code to
+use the same program_values/program_version logic that the other tools use.
+4. A few more obscure and usb stick vendor IDs added.
+-- Harald Hope - Mon, 30 Jul 2018 18:06:11 -0700
+Version: 3.0.19
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-07-23
+New version, new man. Fixes, glitches, and stitches!
+Fixed some subtle and not subtle issues that I've noticed recently.
+1. The color scheme selector failed to remove the global value when a non global
+setting was used. This led to global values never getting removed, even though
+the text output said it would be, which is confusing, obviously, and always
+overriding the color selected. Thanks CentOS for helping find that one.
+1. Fixed possible corrupted user inxi.conf values. Now skips null values, and
+fully validates as integer integer values.
+2. Fixed fvwm-crystal detections, integrated it into new refactored desktop logic.
+3. For systems without glxinfo or running inxi out of gui/desktop, Xorg was in many
+cases failing to show version, which made it not show anything for server: except
+N/A. This is caused by a relatively recent change in behaviors in xorg, where you
+have to run it directly from it's true path, which is something like /usr/lib/xorg
+or /usr/lib/server-xorg at which point the error:
+/usr/lib/xorg-server/Xorg.wrap: Only console users are allowed to run the X server
+Figuring this out was tricky, and who the heck knows why Xorg -version would even
+return such a silly error in the first place, but there you have it. Next time
+you wonder why inxi is so long, this is why, endless churn in basic and complex
+things! The fix is injecting the optional xorg paths into @paths right before,
+and removing them right after, which avoids adding clutter to the @paths.
+4. A ZFS fix, I'd noticed this one a while back, but after looking at the zfs
+Ubuntu tutorial page, I realized that this is the norm now, which is building zfs
+with /dev/sda (no partitions). This lead to failing to detect the zfs components,
+and reporting a bunch of partitions as unmounted which were part of that /dev/sdb
+type component array. By allowing /dev/sd[a-z] I fixed both errors at the same time,
+but I don't know if this syntax extends to say, nvme zfs as well. Note that when
+you build zfs arrays with say, /dev/sdb /dev/sdc you'll see two partitions per
+disk, /dev/sdx1 which is the main data, and /dev/sdx2, which is a tiny 8mB partition,
+no idea what it's for.
+5. Fixed missing konversation and hexchat version numbers in -I, finally found
+what was going on there. Note that hexchat --version used to pop up a gui, but
+I guess he finally fixed that, I am hoping.
+6. Fixed some gentoo repo detections, but also found more variants. Not sure what
+exactly is going on with repos there, will wait for gentoo user issue reports to
+really lock those down.
+7. BSD fixes, turns out FreeBSD uses that same map ... syntax in df -kT as OSX...
+Also made sure to load sysctl data for -S row, I'd forgotten about the compiler
+test there which needs that data.
+8. Fixed herbstluftwm version detection, turns out it's another one of those that
+passes the entire path to the version program, so it shows: /sbin/herbsuftwm 0.22.0
+which broke the regex, easy fix.
+9. Completed refactoring of DesktopData, now it's all data array driven for most
+wm, desktops, etc, which makes adding/removing one very easy. All core data is now
+in program_values to allow for automated detections.
+1. With fix 1, added check_int and check_number utilities, these validate that inxi
+internal numeric or integer values actually are what they are supposed to be. This
+uses a neat Perl trick that makse the checks super fast and super accurate. Moved
+all internal int/numeric test regex to use these.
+2. Added file based version number detection, that was done for Deepin, which uses
+/etc/deepin-version for its version number, but it can be used for anything.
+3. Added Deepin and deepin window managers, Lumina, added bspwm wm, fixed muffin
+detections. Note that lumina has a weird behavior where when run outside of pinxi,
+it outputs to stdout, but inside of pinxi, to stderr, who the heck knows how that
+4. Added zorin to supported base: distros.
+5. Even more disk vendors added! The list of no-name off brand chinese ssd vendors
+appears to be endless! Added some more specific ids to capture unique strings
+that can be linked to a vendor.
+6. Added /usr/home to default -P paths, that's used instead of /home in the real
+world, so why not show it?
+7. Because qt detection is possible, I've extended qt toolkit detection, but it's
+also not super accurate, but it's far better than gtk tk was, so I'm leaving
+that in. I also extended it to more wm/desktops since more are using qt now.
+Note: budgie 11 is going to be qt, but there's no way to distinguish between 11 and
+gtk 10 without doing a bunch of hacks so I'm leaving that alone.
+8. Found a possible distro id source, added /etc/calamares detections to debugger,
+I'll see if that shows some consistent patterns before I implement a last fallback
+test for distro IDs. It may work.
+1. Giving up on fake/slow/inaccurate GTK toolkit detections, removed the entire
+codeblock and stored in docs/inxi-fragments.txt, but I'm not going to do package
+manager type version tests anymore, if we can't get the data directly from a program
+or file, it's not going to happen, plus the gtk installed on the system means nothing
+in relation to the gtk version used to build the desktop.
+-- Harald Hope - Mon, 23 Jul 2018 12:57:38 -0700
Version: 3.0.18
Patch Version: 00
Script Date: 2018-07-16