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+Version: 3.0.13
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-06-23
+New version, man page. New features and fixes!
+1. -I line, sometimes running in showed sudo. This is hopefully now corrected.
+1. CPU architectures, small reordering based on hopefully more reliable data
+source, but these are hard to find conclusively.
+2. -S Distro id: switched ordering of prefered os-release sources, PRETTY_NAME
+is not being used consistently, too many distros leave out the distro id found
+in VERSION, so now it uses NAME + VERSION if both are there, then PRETTY_NAME
+as a fallback. That reverses how it was, but it will provide better results for
+most distros. Distros that did this properly to begin with should see no change.
+3. Now that inxi is basically debugged and working, I've removed the output of
+'inxi' from the -t lines. It remains for the pinxi branch however so you can
+see how many resources pinxi uses to run.
+4. ipmi sensors data are proving to be as random as lm-sensors. Added another
+alternate syntax for sensors.
+5. CPU: found an alternate syntax, again, for IPMI and sensors data, added
+support, I hope, for that.
+1. Added /proc debugger tool to debugger. Due to oddities with how the /proc file
+system is created, it will only run as user, not root, unless the --proc flag is
+used. More programs added to debugger commands.
+2. More disk vendor strings added, fine tuning of vendor detections. There is a
+tendency in NVMe disk names to put the vendor name in the middle of the string.
+That is now handled for a few key vendors.
+3. Added basic ARM SOC and server support. This will require more work in the future
+because the syntax used varies significantly device to device, but the featuers
+are now in place to add that support. Most SBC ARM devices should now at least show
+the model and details data in machine data, and some will show -G -A -N data as
+4. ARM CPU: added first attempt to show the cpu variant as well as the more
+generic ARM data. This shows 1 or more variants, some ARM devices have two different
+cpu cores running at different speeds. Odroid for example.
+5. Added system 'base:' data for -Sx, that modifies Distro: in supported cases.
+Currently only Mint and MX/AntiX supported because each specific distro must be
+handled explicitly using empirical file based data tests. I decided against showing
+this for rolling release, since really everyone knows that Antergos is made from
+Arch Linux, so showing that does not provide much useful information, whereas
+showing the Ubuntu version Mint was made from does.
+Note that several derived distros are changing how they use os-release, so the
+tools had to be revised to be more dynamic, which is a pain, and makes it even
+more empirical and less predictable to print what should be trivially easy to
+gather distro and derived source data.
+If your distro is not in this list and you want the base data to be present, please
+supply a --debug 22 dataset so I can check all the files required to make the
+detection work. If your distro has changed methods, please note which methods
+were used in the past, and which are used now.
+6. Added Armbian distro detection, that's tricky. Added Rasbpian detections.
+Added improved Antergos, Arco, and maybe Chakra, Arch detections.
+7. Big one: Hardware RAID basic support added. Note that each vendor, and
+unfortunatley, often each product line, has its own raid status and drive
+reporting tools, which makes adding the actual drive/raid/status report part
+very time consuming to add. I may only support this if a certain software maker's
+raid tools are installed because they are much simpler to parse, but for now,
+it only shows the presence of the raid device itself, not disks, raid status, etc.
+-- Harald Hope - Sat, 23 Jun 2018 10:24:30 -0700
Version: 3.0.12
Patch Version: 00
Script Date: 2018-06-05