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+Version: 2.1.18
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2014-04-04
+New version/tarball. This completes, I think, the line wrap update. -o is now handled,
+unmounted drives.
+IMPORTANT: some distros use inxi for detecting partitions, the syntax on the following
+have changed slightly:
+HDD: per drive changes from: 1: id: to ID-1:
+Partitions: per partition changes from ID: to ID-1:
+Unmounted partitions: per unmounted changes from ID: to ID-1
+You see the pattern, they are all the same now, and they are all numbered. I think this
+is easier to read when scanning long lines of drives/partitions, or even short ones.
+Also fixed a long standing oddity, not a bug, but for some weird reason, -p did not
+include the location, like /dev/sda1, unless -l or -u were used. That makes no sense
+so I have moved the dev/remote location output to standard -p/-P
+Except for bug fixes, this completes the overally line wrap update, all lines wrap,
+you can set widths with -y now, and the old issue of not fitting nicely into 80 column
+wide widths is solved. Note that in some areas, p/P for example, at times if the mount
+point or remote location is very long the line may still wrap, but making this perfect
+is too convoluted so I'm calling it good enough now, all lines are handled reasonably well,
+certainly radically better than before 2.1.0.
+-- Harald Hope - Fri, 04 Apr 2014 11:08:25 -0700
+Version: 2.1.17
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2014-04-03
+New version, new man page, new tarball. Added -y [integer >= 80] option. This allows for absolute override
+of width settings. This overrides any dynamically detected widths, as well as the globals:
+Now that inxi widths are largely dynamic in terminal, with a few lingering exceptions, it made sense
+to also allow for overrides of this. This is useful in cases where for example you want to output
+inxi to text file or for other purposes, or if you just want to test the widths, as in my case.
+-y cannot be used with --recommends, but otherwise it works fine, with --help/-c 94-99 you have to
+put -y first in the list of options.
+Example: inxi -v7 -y150 > inxi.txt will ignore the terminal settings and output the lines at basically
+max length.
+-- Harald Hope - Thu, 03 Apr 2014 10:41:07 -0700
Version: 2.1.16
Patch Version: 00
Script Date: 2014-04-02