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+Version: 3.0.32
+Patch: 00
+Date: 2019-02-07
+New version, new man. A few more modifications to weather.
+1. In case with zero wind speed, it now shows zero, not N/A, as expected.
+1. Depending on weather source used:
+ * Shows precipitation, not rain/snow.
+ * Adds Sunrise/sunset (most sources do not have this)
+-- Harald Hope - Thu, 07 Feb 2019 20:50:18 -0800
+Version: 3.0.31
+Patch: 00
+Date: 2019-02-06
+New version, new man page. Big update! Get it in before your freeze!!
+1. Maybe the vendor/product regex, which when + was used, would put out
+2. Maybe Fix 4, since that could lead to incorrect behavior when sudo
+is involved depending on sudo configuration.
+3. BIG: current inxi weather will probably fail if not updated to this or
+newer versions!! Not an inxi bug per se, but your users will see it as one.
+1. Fixed Patriot disk ID.
+2. Fixes for PPC board handling.
+3. Regex cleaner fixes, this could lead to error in special cases of product
+vendor names.
+4. crazy from frugalware pointed out that $b_root detection was flawed, and
+relied on a bad assumption, particularly for sudo. As usual, he's right, that
+is now corrected, and uses $< Perl native to determine UID.
+1. Added septor to Debian system base.
+2. Removed quiet filters for downloaders when using --dbg 1, now you see the
+entire download action for curl/wget downloads. This went along with
+issue # 174
+3. New feature: --wan-ip-url. This closed issue #174. Also has user config
+option: WAN_IP_URL as well to make changes permanent.
+4. Added --dbg 1 to man and help. The other --dbg options are random and can
+change, but --dbg 1 is always for downloading, so might as well tell people
+about it.
+5. To anticipate the loss of a major weather API, inxi is redone to use smxi.org
+based robust API. This also allows for a new switch, --weather-source (or --ws
+for shorter version), options 0-9, which will trigger different APIs on smxi.org.
+Added WEATHER_SOURCE configuration option as well. Note that 4-9 are not
+currently active. Also added in better error handling for weather.
+The main benefit here is that inxi is now largely agnostic to the weather APIs
+used, and those can be changed with no impact to inxi users who are running
+frozen pool inxi's, or who have not updated their inxi versions.
+NOTE: all inxi versions older than 3.0.31 will probably fail for weather
+quite soon. So update your inxi version in your repos!!
+6. More disk vendors IDs and matches. Thanks linuxlite hardware database.
+7. Going along with weather changes, added, if present, cloud cover, rain, and
+snow reports. Those are for previously observed hour.
+8. Small change to Intel CPU architecture, taking a guess on stepping for
+skylake/Cascade lake ID. Guessing if stepping is > 4, it's cascade lake. But
+could not find this documented, so it's a guess. At worst, it means that Cascade
+lake, which must be a later steppingi than 4, will not be ID'ed as skylake.
+9. Documentation updates for data sources.
+1. inxi now uses a new system to get weather data. There is no longer a risk
+of weather failing if the API used locally in inxi fails or goes away. This
+change should be largely invisible to casual users.
+2. In weather, moved dewpoint to be after humidity, which makes a little more
+-- Harald Hope - Wed, 06 Feb 2019 18:09:53 -0800
Version: 3.0.30
Patch: 00
Date: 2018-12-31