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+Version: 3.0.09
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-05-11
+New version, new man. Bug fixes, feature updates.
+The main reason to release this earlier than I had hoped was because of the /sys
+permission change for serial/uuid file data. The earlier we can get this fix out,
+the better for end users, otherwise they will think they have no serial data when
+they really do.
+1. this bug just came to my attention, apparently the (I assume) kernel people
+decided for us that we don't need to see our serial numbers in /sys unless we are
+root. This is an unfortunate but sadly predictable event. To work around this
+recent change (somewhere between 4.14 and 4.15 as far as I can tell), inxi -M and
+-B now check for root read-only and show <root required> if the file exists but
+is not user readable. I wish, I really wish, that people could stop changing stuff
+for no good reason, but that's out of my control, all I can do is adjust inxi to
+this reality. But shame on whoever decided that was a good idea.
+This is not technically an inxi bug, but rather a regression, since it's caused
+by a change in /sys permissions, but users would see it as a bug so I consider
+this an important fix.
+Note that the new /sys/class/dmi/id permissions result in various possible things:
+1. serial/uuid file is empty but exists and is not readable by user
+2. serial/uuid file is not empty and exists and is not readable by user
+3. serial/uuid file does not exist
+4. serial/uuid file exists, is not empty, and is readable by root
+Does this change make your life better? It doesn't make mine better, it makes
+it worse. Consider filing a bug report against whoever allowed this regression
+is my suggestion.
+1. A weather bug could result in odd or wrong data showing in weather output, this
+was due to a mistake in how the weather data was assembled internally. This error
+could lead to large datastore files, and odd output that is not all correct.
+2. More of an enhancement, but due to the way 'v' is used in version numbers,
+the program_version tool in some cases could have sliced out a 'v' in the wrong
+place in the version string, and also could have sliced out legitimate v values.
+This v issue also appeared in bios version, so now the new rule for program_version
+and certain other version results is to trim off starting v if and only if it is
+followed by a number.
+1. Added in OpenBSD support for showing machine data without having to use dmidecode.
+This is a combination of systcl -a and dmesg.boot data, not very good quality data
+sources, but it is available as user, and it does work. Note that BIOS systems
+are the only ones tested, I don't know what the syntax for UEFI is for the field
+names and strings. Coming soon is Battery and Sensors data, from the same sources.
+Sadly as far as I know, OpenBSD is the only BSD that has such nice, usable (well,
+ok, dmesg.boot data is low quality strings, not really machine safe) data. I
+have no new datasets from the other BSDs so I don't know if they have decided to
+copy/emulate this method.
+2. By request, and this was listed in issue #134, item no. 1, added in weather
+switchable metric/imperial output. Also added an option, --weather-unit and
+configuration item: WEATHER_UNIT with possible values: cf|fc|c|f. The 2nd of
+two in cf/fc goes in () in the output. Note that windspeed is m/s or km/h as metric,
+inxi shows m/s as default for metric and (km/h as secondary). Also fixed -w
+observation date to use local time formatting. That does not work in -W so it shows
+the default value.
+3. Updated man to show new WEATHER_UNIT config option, and new --weather-unit
+option. Also fixed some other small man glitches that I had missed.
+-- Harald Hope - Fri, 11 May 2018 13:29:06 -0700
+Version: 3.0.08
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2018-05-06
+New version, new tarball. New features, bug fixes.
+This is a big one.
+1. By Request: Disk vendor is now generally going to be shown. Since this uses
+empirical data to grab the vendor name, from the model string, it will not always
+find anything. When it fails to find vendor data, no vendor: item will show.
+Note that some MMC devices will probably not show vendor data, but that's due to
+there being no data that reveals that.
+2. Extended -sx volts to also show voltage from lm-sensors if present. Many
+systems show no voltage data with lm-sensors, but now if any is found, it
+will show, same as impi.
+3. Moved to lsblk as primary source for partition/unmounted filesystem, uuid, and
+label data.
+Falls back to previous methods if lsblk does not return data. Some lsblk do not
+show complete data unless super user as well.
+4. Refactored code to be more logical and clear.
+5. Added for OpenBSD -r: /etc/installurl file.
+1. CRITICAL: /sys/block/xxx/device/model is in some cases truncating the disk
+model name to 16 characters. This is not an inxi bug, it's a bug with /sys itself.
+To fix this, inxi now uses for GNU/Linux /dev/disk/by-id data which does not
+ever do this truncation. It's also faster I believe to read that directory
+once, filter the results, then use the data for vendor/model/serial.
+this was also part of the disk vendor data feature.
+2. Openbsd networking fix. Was not showing IF data, now it does.
+3. Fixed bug with unmounted where sometimes md0 type partitions would show
+even though they are in a raid array.
+4. Fixed disk rev, now it searches for 3 different files in /sys to get that data.
+5. Fixed bug with very old systems, with sudo 1.6 or older, for some reason that
+error did not get redirected to /dev/null, so now only using sudo -n after explicit
+version test, only if 1.7 or newer.
+6. Fixed a few null results in fringe cases for graphics. Resolution now shows
+NA for Hz if no hz data found. This was only present on a fringe user case
+which is unlikely to ever impact normal X installations.
+7. Fixed BSD L2 cache, was showing MiB instead of KiB, wrong math.
+-- Harald Hope - Sun, 06 May 2018 20:23:30 -0700
Version: 3.0.07
Patch Version: 00
Script Date: 2018-04-17