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+Version: 2.1.3
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2014-03-15
+New version. Big set of changes: changed all ver: and version: to v:; changed all bash
+${var} to $var where appropriate to avoid extra overhead of ${..}; removed 'basename'
+and replaced with ${path##*/} which avoids unnessary subshells.
+Fixed dynamic line wraps on -I and -S lines, now those in most cases will work well
+down to 80 cols.
+Fixed bug in optical drives, at some point in the last few years, the kernel in /sys
+changed the path to the optical drive data, added in /ata8/ (example) so both methods
+are now handled. This should fix a lot of failures to show optical drive brand name etc.
+Added weechat detection, trying also supybot/limnoria detection in irc client version.
+There was weechat-curses, but I guess they finally dropped the -curses. Limnoria is
+a fork of supybot but still uses the supybot program name, but added in limnoria too
+if they get around to changing that.
+More dynamic sizing tweaks, more optimization of code. Discovered that dipping into gawk
+is almost 250x more expensive in terms of execution time than using bash variable.
+Will change to use bash directly as time goes along where it's safe and accurate.
+Added handling to support /run paths using directories, like /run/gdm/gdm.pid for dm data.
+-- Harald Hope - Sun, 16 Mar 2014 15:09:40 -0700
+Version: 2.1.2
+Patch Version: 00
+Script Date: 2014-03-14
+no version change, just added wrapper around tput cols so only use it if in terminal
+-- Harald Hope - Sat, 15 Mar 2014 10:53:17 -0700
Version: 2.1.2
Patch Version: 00
Script Date: 2014-03-14