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-.TH INXI 1 "2014\-08\-16" inxi "inxi manual"
+.TH INXI 1 "2014\-09\-16" inxi "inxi manual"
inxi \- Command line system information script for console and IRC
@@ -73,7 +73,10 @@ Konversation etc.
Setting specific color type removes the global color selection.
.B \-C
-Show full CPU output, including per CPU clockspeed if available. See \fB\-x\fR for more options.
+Show full CPU output, including per CPU clockspeed and CPU max speed (if available). If max speed data
+present, shows \fB(max)\fR in short output formats (\fB\inxi\fR, \fB\inxi \-b\fR) if CPU actual speed
+matches CPU max speed. If CPU max speed does not match CPU actual speed, shows both actual and max speed
+information. See \fB\-x\fR and \fB\-xx\fR for more options.
.B \-d
Shows optical drive data. Same as \fB\-Dd\fR. With \fB\-x\fR, adds features line to output.
@@ -234,7 +237,8 @@ Supported levels: \fB0\-7\fR Examples :\fB inxi \-v 4 \fR or \fB inxi \-v4\fR
\- Short output, same as: \fBinxi\fR
.B \-v 1
-\- Basic verbose, \fB\-S\fR + basic CPU + \fB\-G\fR + basic Disk + \fB\-I\fR.
+\- Basic verbose, \fB\-S\fR + basic CPU (cores, model, clock speed, and max speed, if available)
++ \fB\-G\fR + basic Disk + \fB\-I\fR.
.B \-v 2
\- Adds networking card (\fB\-N\fR), Machine (\fB\-M\fR) data, and shows basic hard disk data
@@ -363,6 +367,9 @@ version number, if available.
.B \-xx \-A
\- Adds vendor:product ID of each Audio device.
+.B \-xx \-C
+\- Shows Minimum CPU speed (if available).
.B \-xx \-D
\- Adds disk serial number.