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-.TH INXI 1 "2014\-05\-01" inxi "inxi manual"
+.TH INXI 1 "2014\-08\-16" inxi "inxi manual"
inxi \- Command line system information script for console and IRC
.B inxi \fR \- Single line, short form. Very basic output.
-.B inxi \fR[\fB\-AbCdDfFGhHiIlMnNopPrRsSuw\fR] \fR[\fB\-c NUMBER\fR] \fR[\fB\-v NUMBER\fR]
+.B inxi \fR[\fB\-AbCdDfFGhHiIlmMnNopPrRsSuw\fR] \fR[\fB\-c NUMBER\fR] \fR[\fB\-v NUMBER\fR]
.B inxi \fR[\fB\-t \fR(\fBc\fR or\fB m\fR or\fB cm\fR or\fB mc NUMBER\fR)] \fR[\fB\-x \-OPTION\fR(\fBs\fR)] \fR[\fB\-xx \-OPTION\fR(\fBs\fR)] \fR[\fB\-xxx \-OPTION\fR(\fBs\fR)]
@@ -93,8 +93,8 @@ spamming. ARM cpus: show \fBfeatures\fR items.
.B \-F
Show Full output for inxi. Includes all Upper Case line letters, plus \fB\-s\fR and \fB\-n\fR.
-Does not show extra verbose options like \fB\-x \-d \-f \-u \-l \-o \-p \-t \-r\fR unless you use
-that argument.
+Does not show extra verbose options like \fB\-d \-f \-l \-m \-o \-p \-r \-t \-u \-x\fR unless you use
+those arguments in the command, like: \fBinxi \-Frmxx\fR
.B \-G
Show Graphic card information. Card(s), Display Server (vendor and version number), for example:
@@ -125,6 +125,13 @@ See \fB\-x\fR and \fB\-xx\fR for extra information (init type/version, runlevel)
.B \-l
Show partition labels. Default: short partition \fB\-P\fR. For full \fB\-p\fR output, use: \fB\-pl\fR (or \fB\-plu\fR).
+.B \-m
+Memory (RAM) data. Does not show with \fB\-b\fR or \fB\-F\fR unless you use \fB\-m\fR explicitly. Ordered by system board physical system memory array(s) (\fBArray\-[number] capacity:\fR), and individual memory devices (\fBDevice\-[number]\fR). Physical memory array(s) data shows array capacity, and number of devices supported, and Error Correction information. Devices shows locator data (highly variable in syntax), size, speed, type (eg: \fBtype: DDR3\fR).
+Note that \fB\-m\fR uses \fBdmidecode\fR, which must be run as root (or start \fBinxi\fR with \fBsudo\fR), unless you figure out how to set up sudo to permit dmidecode to read \fB/dev/mem\fR as user. Note that speed will not show if \fBNo Module Installed\fR is found in size. This will also turn off Bus Width data output if it is null.
+Because dmidecode data is extremely unreliable, inxi will try to make best guesses. If you see \fB(check)\fR after capacity number, you should check it for sure with specifications. \fB(est)\fR is slightly more reliable, but you should still check the real specifications before buying ram. Unfortunately there is nothing \fBinxi can do to get truly reliable data about the system ram, maybe one day the kernel devs will put this data into \fB/sys\fR, and make it real data, taken from the actual system, not dmi data. For most people, the data will be right, but a significant percentage of users will have either wron max module size, if present, or max capacity.
.B \-M
Show machine data. Motherboard, Bios, and if present, System Builder (Like Lenovo).
Older systems/kernels without the required \fB/sys\fR data can use dmidecode instead, run as root. If using dmidecode,
@@ -241,7 +248,7 @@ Supported levels: \fB0\-7\fR Examples :\fB inxi \-v 4 \fR or \fB inxi \-v4\fR
Shows full disk data (\fB\-D\fR)
.B \-v 5
-\- Adds audio card (\fB\-A\fR); sensors (\fB\-s\fR), partition label (\fB\-l\fR) and UUID (\fB\-u\fR), short form of
+\- Adds audio card (\fB\-A\fR); memory/ram (\fB\-m\fR);sensors (\fB\-s\fR), partition label (\fB\-l\fR) and UUID (\fB\-u\fR), short form of
optical drives.
.B \-v 6
@@ -326,6 +333,12 @@ version number, if available.
.B \-x \-I
\- If in shell (not in IRC client, that is), show shell version number (if available).
+.B \-x \-m
+\- Shows memory device Part Number (\fBpart:\fR). Useful to order new or replacement memory sticks etc. Usually part numbers are unique, particularly if you use the word \fBmemory\fR in the search as well. With \fB\-xx\fR, shows Serial Number and Manufactorer as well.
+.B \-x \-m
+\- If present, shows maximum memory module/device size in the Array line. Only some systems will have this data available.
.B \-x \-N
\- Adds version/port(s)/driver version (if available) for each Network card;
@@ -345,7 +358,7 @@ version number, if available.
\- Adds memory use output to cpu (\fB\-xt c\fR), and cpu use to memory (\fB\-xt m\fR).
.B \-x \-w / \-W
-\- Adds wind speed and time zone (\-w only), and makes output go to two lines.
+\- Adds wind speed and time zone (\fB\-w\fR only), and makes output go to two lines.
.B \-xx \-A
\- Adds vendor:product ID of each Audio device.
@@ -370,6 +383,12 @@ not all systemd systems have the default value set, in that case, if present, it
.B \-xx \-I
\- Adds parent program (or tty) that started shell, if not IRC client, to shell information.
+.B \-xx \-m
+\- Shows memory device Manufacturer and Serial Number.
+.B \-xx \-m
+\- Single/double bank memory, if data is found. Note, this may not be 100% right all of the time since it depends on the order that data is found in \fBdmidecode\fR output for \fBtype 6\fR and \fBtype 17\fR.
.B \-xx \-M
\- Adds chassis information, if any data for that is available. Also shows BIOS rom size if using dmidecode.
@@ -391,6 +410,15 @@ Supports most known display managers, like xdm, gdm, kdm, slim, lightdm, or mdm.
.B \-xx \-@ <11\-14>
\- Automatically uploads debugger data tar.gz file to \fIftp.techpatterns.com\fR.
+.B \-xxx \-m
+\- Memory bus width: primary bus width, and if present, total width. eg: bus width: 64 bit (total: 72 bits). Note that total / data widths are mixed up sometimes in dmidecode output, so inxi will take the larger value as total if present. If no total width data is found, then inxi will not show that item.
+.B \-xxx \-m
+\- Adds device Type Detail, eg: DDR3 (Synchronous).
+.B \-xxx \-m
+\- If present, will add memory module voltage. Only some systems will have this data available.
.B \-xxx \-S
\- Adds, if run in X, shell/panel type info to Desktop information, if present. If none, shows nothing.
Supports some current desktop extras like gnome\-panel, lxde\-panel, and others. Added mainly for Mint support.