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-.TH INXI 1 "2016\-04\-18" inxi "inxi manual"
+.TH INXI 1 "2016\-08\-25" inxi "inxi manual"
inxi \- Command line system information script for console and IRC
@@ -157,7 +157,9 @@ Because dmidecode data is extremely unreliable, inxi will try to make best guess
.B \-M
Show machine data. Motherboard, Bios, and if present, System Builder (Like Lenovo).
Older systems/kernels without the required \fB/sys\fR data can use dmidecode instead, run as root. If using dmidecode,
-may also show bios revision as well as version. \fB\-! 33\fR can force use of \fBdmidecode\fR data instead of \fB/sys\fR.
+may also show bios revision as well as version. \fB\-! 33\fR can force use of \fBdmidecode\fR data instead of \fB/sys\fR.
+Will also attempt to show if the system was booted by BIOS, UEFI, or UEFI [Legacy]. The last one is legacy BIOS boot mode
+in a systemboard using UEFI but booted as BIOS/Legacy.
.B \-n
Show Advanced Network card information. Same as \fB\-Nn\fR. Shows interface, speed,
@@ -180,7 +182,7 @@ Show full partition information (\fB\-P\fR plus all other detected partitions).
.B \-P
Show Partition information (shows what \fB\-v 4\fR would show, but without extra data).
-Shows, if detected: \fB/ /boot /home /tmp /usr /var\fR. Use \fB\-p\fR to see all mounted partitions.
+Shows, if detected: \fB/ /boot /home /opt /tmp /usr /var /var/tmp /var/log\fR. Use \fB\-p\fR to see all mounted partitions.
.B \-r
Show distro repository data. Currently supported repo types:
@@ -601,7 +603,7 @@ You may be asked to run the inxi debugger tool which will upload a data dump of
system files for use in debugging inxi. These data dumps are very important since
they provide us with all the real system data inxi uses to parse out its report.
-inxi main website/svn/wiki, file an issue report:
+inxi main website/source/wiki, file an issue report:
.I https://github.com/smxi/inxi/issues
post on inxi developer forums:
@@ -620,7 +622,7 @@ is is a fork of locsmif's largely unmaintained yet very clever, infobash script.
Original infobash author and copyright holder:
Copyright (C) 2005\-2007 Michiel de Boer a.k.a. locsmif
-inxi version: Copyright (C) 2008\-15 Scott Rogers & Harald Hope
+inxi version: Copyright (C) 2008\-16 Scott Rogers & Harald Hope
Further fixes (listed as known): Horst Tritremmel <hjt at sidux.com>