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-.TH INXI 1 "2015\-08\-20" inxi "inxi manual"
+.TH INXI 1 "2016\-04\-18" inxi "inxi manual"
inxi \- Command line system information script for console and IRC
.B inxi \fR \- Single line, short form. Very basic output.
-.B inxi \fR[\fB\-AbCdDfFGhHiIlmMnNopPrRsSuw\fR] \fR[\fB\-c NUMBER\fR] \fR[\fB\-v NUMBER\fR]
+.B inxi \fR[\fB\-AbBCdDfFGhHiIlmMnNopPrRsSuw\fR] \fR[\fB\-c NUMBER\fR] \fR[\fB\-v NUMBER\fR]
.B inxi \fR[\fB\-t \fR(\fBc\fR or\fB m\fR or\fB cm\fR or\fB mc NUMBER\fR)] \fR[\fB\-x \-OPTION\fR(\fBs\fR)] \fR[\fB\-xx \-OPTION\fR(\fBs\fR)] \fR[\fB\-xxx \-OPTION\fR(\fBs\fR)]
@@ -31,19 +31,38 @@ Letters with numbers can have no gap or a gap at your discretion unless using \f
For example:
-.B inxi \-AG\fR or \fBinxi \-A \-G\fR or \fBinxi \-c10
+.B inxi \-AG\fR or \fBinxi \-A \-G\fR or \fBinxi \-c10\fR
.B \-A
Show Audio/sound card information.
.B \-b
-Shows basic output, short form (previously \fB\-d\fR). Same as: \fBinxi \-v 2
+Shows basic output, short form (previously \fB\-d\fR). Same as: \fBinxi \-v 2\fR
+.B \-B
+Shows Battery data, charge, condition, plus extra information (if battery present).
+Uses \fB/sys\fR or for BSDs, \fBdmidecode\fR. \fBdmidecode\fR does not have very much information,
+and none about current battery state/charge/voltage. Supports multiple batteries
+when using \fB/sys\fR data.
+Note on the \fBcharge\fR item, the output shows the current charge, and the percent of
+the available capacity, which can be less than the original design capacity. In the
+following example, the actual current capacity of the battery is \fB22.2 Wh\fR,
+so the charge shows what percent of the current capacity is charged.
+For example: \fB20.1 Wh 95.4%\fR
+The \fBcondition\fR item shows the current available capacity / original design capacity,
+then the percentage of original capacity available in the battery. In the following
+example, the battery capacity is only 61% of it's original amount.
+For example: \fB22.2/36.4 Wh 61%\fR
.B \-c \fR[\fB0\fR\-\fB32\fR]
Available color schemes. Scheme number is required.
-Supported color schemes: \fB0\-32
+Supported color schemes: \fB0\-42\fR
.B \-c \fR[\fB94\fR\-\fB99\fR]
Color selectors run a color selector option prior to inxi starting which lets
@@ -248,8 +267,8 @@ Supported levels: \fB0\-7\fR Examples :\fB inxi \-v 4 \fR or \fB inxi \-v4\fR
+ \fB\-G\fR + basic Disk + \fB\-I\fR.
.B \-v 2
-\- Adds networking card (\fB\-N\fR), Machine (\fB\-M\fR) data, and shows basic hard disk data
-(names only). Same as: \fBinxi \-b
+\- Adds networking card (\fB\-N\fR), Machine (\fB\-M\fR) data, Battery (\fB\-B\fR) (if available), and shows basic hard disk data
+(names only). Same as: \fBinxi \-b\fR
.B \-v 3
\- Adds advanced CPU (\fB\-C\fR); network (\fB\-n\fR) data; triggers \fB\-x\fR advanced data option.
@@ -307,6 +326,9 @@ The following shows which lines / items get extra information with each extra da
.B \-x \-A
\- Shows PCI Bus ID/Usb ID number of each Audio device.
+.B \-x \-B
+\- Shows Vendor/Model, battery status (if battery present).
.B \-x \-C
\- bogomips on CPU (if available); CPU Flags (short list).
@@ -375,6 +397,11 @@ system Used/Total ram data if \fB\-t m\fR (memory) is not used AND \fB\-I\fR is
.B \-xx \-A
\- Adds vendor:product ID of each Audio device.
+.B \-xx \-B
+\- Adds serial number, voltage (if available).
+Note that \fBvolts\fR shows the data (if available) as: Voltage Now / Minimum Design Voltage
.B \-xx \-C
\- Shows Minimum CPU speed (if available).
@@ -425,6 +452,11 @@ Supports most known display managers, like xdm, gdm, kdm, slim, lightdm, or mdm.
.B \-xx \-@ <11\-14>
\- Automatically uploads debugger data tar.gz file to \fIftp.techpatterns.com\fR.
+.B \-xxx \-B
+\- Adds battery chemistry (like: \fBLi-ion\fR), cycles (NOTE: there appears to be a problem with the Linux kernel
+obtaining the cycle count, so this almost always shows \fB0\fR. There's nothing that can be done about this glitch, the
+data is simply not availabe as of 2016-04-18), location (only available from dmidecode derived output).
.B \-xxx \-m
\- Memory bus width: primary bus width, and if present, total width. eg: bus width: 64 bit (total: 72 bits). Note that total / data widths are mixed up sometimes in dmidecode output, so inxi will take the larger value as total if present. If no total width data is found, then inxi will not show that item.